Technological Resurrection, Open Source Code

Here's some free pseudocode to the basic state calculation problem of technological resurrection. The goal is simple, calculate state at a previous point in time given a set of measurements taken recently. You'll need a forward in time algorithm, an ordinary molecular modeler can be used for preliminary work.


Start state recording loop nest:
Calculate a random state for the molecular modeler at time X, some proposed previous point in time.
Run the molecular modeler until time Y, the proposed present time.
Record the state of the molecular modeler at time Y.
End state recording loop nest:

Run the above loop nest about a million times or so and record the states at X and Y.

Given the states recorded above run a supervised machine learning algorithm, the goal being to predict states at X given input states at Y. Preserve the obtained learning from the learning algorithm.

If you have links to open source that you want added here let me know, I'll be adding to this page myself every now and then so check back here if you want, or email me.


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