Signifying that one wishes to be resurrected may become legally necessary. Some people may not wish to be resurrected as described on this website. Religious people for example will often not want any type of man-made technology, which creates liability issues. transfers all liabilities concerning resurrection to the company providing resurrection services. Please include any conditions you want met with regards to minimum available services, etc., within the conditions field. If you wish, your estate, or a party of your choice, will be contacted by any interested resurrection company before any resurrection occurs, to ensure that all details are satisfactory to both parties. will preserve your request in trust for a minimum of five years as a free trial service. You can email if you are interested in having your data preserved for longer periods of time as a for pay service, and we will do our best to find a suitable arrangement with you given the duration and nature of your request. Base rates are $1 per year with a $20 registration fee with no additional costs. People who have studied technological resurrection believe the technology may be available within 50 years. You do not have to enter a bid price if you wish to trust in charity or your next of kin. You may also request credit. Due to Moore's law, the price of resurrection may be quite low far into the future. makes no guarantee that resurrection of the forms described on this website will ever be available, we are for keeping costs low so as to keep financial risks low.

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